Health & well being developed from the merging of life-passions:  a passion for working with people, the practice of healing modalities, and a love for bringing a sense of balance and wellness into peoples lives. 

LILA pronounced Leela and sometimes spelt that way too, derives from the Sanskrit language. Lila is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the divine absolute (Brahman). The deep spiritual concept of everything, life and all, being the play, the game, the dance, the pleasurable creation of the infinite, mysterious, divine source.

Whether you are needing to take some time out to rest, rejuvenate, restore your body mind & soul in a Private Yoga class or are experiencing physical ailments and discomforts book yourself in with Nicole for an assessment for a Body Alignment treatment or a Spinal Flush. To discover which option would work best for you.

Please feel free to contact Nicole for a assessment & consultation.

“The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”

Aart Van Der Leeuw

About Nicole

Nicole Angelika Panzer 

Passionate about working with people and instilling a sense of wellbeing and balance into ones life through the various modalities she has on offer.

Always combining in her practice a perfect balance of body, mind, soul feeling and sensing just what the body needs.

One of her passions also lies in working with one of our most intricate parts of our being, the Spine. It acts as a messenger from our brain to the rest of our body, delivering messages through our nerves and meridians keeping our body healthy and functioning.

An imbalance in our spine or skeletal system can be caused by certain injuries, accidents, birth or illnesses, blocking the pathways where our meridians & nerves run through or branch out of.

Malfunctioning of various organs and limbs can be attributed to this.

By gently easing the body’s skeletal system and spine back into place the organs & or limbs should be freed then gently the healing process begins.

Nicole’s services she offers are as follows:

  • Body Alignment
  • Spinal Flush
  • Reiki practitioner
  • Yoga Therapy Instructor
  • Youth Empowerment facilitator
  • Yoga Workshop and Retreat Facilitator

Nicole practices out of Room 5 at 196 Victoria road Woodstock.

“Allow me to assist you on your journey of self discovery and healing”

Nicole’s current qualifications:

English, German and Afrikaans speaking.

  • Yoga teacher & therapist (Private 1 on 1 & teenager classes at schools)
  • Body Alignment Practitioner (using both the Dorn & Breuss, trigger point therapy & Reiki treatments)
  • Lighterian Clearing™ facilitator


Nicole would like to thank all her teachers in the past, her teachers of late and those she will still meet, for sharing their knowledge of this ancient art with her, which in turn allows her to share her knowledge with those who come in contact with her.


Body Alignment Treatment

The Body Alignment Treatment comes from the merging of various modalities studied, such as:

  • Yoga Therapy
  • Dorn & Breuss Treatment (skeletal alignment)
  • Trigger point Therapy (muscular alignment)

The route cause of many ailments can often be determined on the health and wellbeing of our Spine. The Spine is the essence of our being and connects our brain to the rest of our body, it connects us energetically, physically, emotionally as well as spiritually.

When each of the Spine’s vertebra from our Coccyx to our Atlas is in alignment or as much in alignment as possible, the body is able to function to its full capacity.

If one Vertebrae were to be out of place due to a number of possible reasons eg. accident, injury, incorrect posture, stress or strain on the body, a blockage is caused in that area of the spine and therefore causeing the vertebrae to be out of line.

The affected Vertebra hereby inform us of the particular nerve and meridian lines that are effected, these help to show the related organs and/or areas of the body where ailments may have developed.

In addition to the Spine, the positioning of the Hips/ Pelvis is a big contributer to the bodies alignment too. The Hips / Pelvis could be out of place due to the way one was born, incorrect seating, pregnancy, accidents etc. When the Hips / Pelvis is out of alignment, the Spine will compensate in order for our eye-sight to be as straight as possible. This is known to have caused problems such as Scoliosis to the spine, shoulders being out of alignment or one leg being longer than the other.

It has also been found that Knee problems can stem from the Pelvis being out of alignment, or visa versa when the muscles in the pelvic and hip region become too tight, the pelvis and hip compensate for the knee’s to function correctly.

Tight muscles are also contributers to a misaligned skeletal system. Due to repetitive movements certain muscles can develop more than others, putting strain onto other areas of the body.

A certified Dorn & Breuss Practitioner and Trigger point Therapist, Nicole has been practicing and treating clients assisting them with their body alignment since 2013.

Having practiced Yoga for the past 18 years, Nicole is a certified Yoga teacher and holds classes for Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Children & Teenage Yoga as well as Remedial and One on One Yoga sessions desisgend to clients specific needs.

Through a full assessment on the muscular and skeletal system Nicole detects ones misalignment, being able to assess how best to move forward with length of possible treatment/s and the use of Yoga Therapy when required.

  • The Body Alignment Treatment has proved successful in treating the following ailments:
  • Repetitive strain
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches /Migranes
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Scoliosis      
  • Sprains
  • Hip, Knee, Elbow, Ankle & Jaw joint sprain
  • Sciatica – Leg length difference                                                                                                                                     Accidents or injuries having caused the body to jump out of alignment through impact or shock                                                                                                                                                                   The treatment of clearing energetic blockages along the Spine allowing the life force energy (chi) to flow freely and for the energetic body to be balanced.

Treatments are charged for as follows:

  • Assessment class is 90 min – R 500.00
  • Follow up treatments 60 min – R 420.00

Spinal Flush

The Spinal Flush Treatment done by the use of a special massage tequnique along the spine. Hereby creating space, opening and reactiviating the energy lines along the spine as well as in the spinal collumn.

In doing so the nervous and meridan systems are activated and any blockagaes that might have been sitting along the spine cleared and released.

The Spinal massage is also an activation of the main lymphatic lines assisting clients in ridding their body of any toxic waste that might have accumulated over time.

The Spinal Flush is perfect for :

  • Enhancing Relaxation
  • Balancing of the body’s chakra system
  • Reactivation of the Nervouse system, Meridian system and Lympathic system
  • Sinus
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Colds & Flu


17. August


2. September

9.-12. November 2017


8. – 11. March 2018




From the “Woman of the Earth Winter gathering” in Soetwater Cape Town in June 2015

What a magical event it was, so honoured to have been able to offer some of my services there.

This is what some of the beautiful Woman had to say after their Spinal Flush reactivation and balancing treatment with me.

“Calming, reassured, felt parts of spine come alive under mid back, safe, lope, some of tension gone, really felt where problem was for first time.”

“Posture info & advice very useful, spinal flush – pressure points really released so deeply into spaces I was not aware of before. A lot of weight left me . Very invigorating, feel recharged. Thank you & Blessings”

“Ancestors … Mother, grandmother…. what came before… what is now… and where we are going to”

“Trust guidance, confidence to speak my truth. Neck & shoulder pain I ignored resurfaced, slight headache, dry throat & blocked nose… really professional & relaxing … enjoyed it – Thank you <3 “

“With thanks, a kind gentle release, I felt very relaxed and the release was exactly what my body has been needing after the accident in December <3”

Thank you to all the beautiful Souls who entrusted me in assisting on their Journey of health, wellbeing and healing!

~ xxx ~

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LILA health and wellbeing will be closed from Wednesday 21. June ~ Wednesday 19. July

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Available for home visits for private Yoga classes only.


 ~ We are all just walking each other home ~

Ram Dass


LILA health and wellbeing will be closed from Wednesday 21. June ~ Wednesday 19. July

 Nicole Angelika Panzer 

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“Allow us to assist you on your journey of

self discovery, healing, health and wellness.”